What Would You Do If You’ve Been Arrested For Prostitution?

When you've been caught with prostitutes, a sexual offenses lawyer can assist you. Although a prostitution conviction is a misdemeanor, this can land in a criminal background which might have long-term ramifications. Stay cool if you're charged for prostitution. That arrest does not imply guilt. Don't fall in with the impulse to describe what occurred or to attempt to reason your route out of being arrested. You don't want to provide the cops with any more proof.

In a trial, the prosecution can have anything you speak against you. Except for revealing your identity and residence, you have the right to stay quiet.

Defenses to prostitution and solicitation

There are several defenses to a charge, and whether or not one or more of them applies to your case will depend on the facts of your case. Those wishing to understand how to defend themselves against a solicitation accusation can go over the common solicitation defenses listed below.

A conviction can frequently come with a penalty and a presumption of guilt, and so is the situation for most sex offenses. It's vital to note, though, that it isn't your responsibility to establish your guilt; rather, it's the Legislature's responsibility to show your guilt beyond a fair dispute.

Confessions that have been coerced

The majority of sexual offense cases of a Vancouver outcall services rely just on the accused confessing. Such admissions are frequently gained only after lengthy questioning. As a result, a competent defense strategy must target the confession's trustworthiness.


The defense must establish that such crime was:

  • initiated by legislation force officials or their representatives
  • that the cops encouraged you to conduct the offense; and
  • maybe you were not inclined to execute the offense before being led by the cops.

Since entrapment is indeed an absolute defense regardless of if the problem is a trap or otherwise. The defendant bears the duty of proof in this case.

The credibility of the Witness

In so many situations, an eyewitness unseen to the accused, perhaps also the prostitute, is called to testify. A successful defense requires establishing and undermining the trust of the eyewitness or alleged victim evidence.

Physical proof is lacking

There is almost no physical proof, leaving the whole case to rely on an accused's account, which might be a definitive lie of the facts.

Identical twins

Mistaken identification can manifest itself in a variety of ways. If, on the other hand, the state labels you as the accused depending on eyewitness confirmation, you should consider challenging the eyewitness' evidence. Eyewitness testimony has indeed been proven to be among the least trustworthy forms of facts. In some instances, a suggestive picture lineup may be utilized to recognize you, resulting in concerns with misidentification.

The mere fact of being present

You may raise a simple presence defense in case if you were simply there while a criminal was committed, especially if you were aware that a fraud was being devoted. You did not get any malicious act and did neither participate in the offense when you were just in the sight of a known female prostitute or from a place where solicitation is recognized to occur.