Montreal escorts and prosititution both charge money for their time.In many cases, the escort is hired by a client to accompany in social events, functions or other engagements. When we talk about escorts' work duration it can be from days to week too. The escorts are socially presentable as they are attractive. They generally sell their time to their clients to be more socially adjustable to clients acquaintances and friends.


Therefore, prostitution is hired for the sexual pleasure or act. They are engaged for a very short period of time. They charge themselves either on the basis of the act or by the hour. They do not attend parties, social events, functions and other engagements with the clients.




The services that are provided by escorts are

  1. Body massage: when you are tired or frustrated from your work and you want your body to get relax. Hence, you can always switch for a partner like escorts. They will help you relax by rubbing your back which diminishes your anxiety. They also provide calm to your body and soul. Many of the escorts are very skillful in the body massage.therefore, with their skillful touch you will be mesmerized with eminent joy.



  1. Faithfull company: when you have no one by your side for your social gathering . you can always look up to the service of escorts. They are well presentable and attractive for social gathering, engagements or taking care of any family member. They have trained themself in such a way that can hold long conversations too.



  1.  Closeness: With escorts you can get close to a minimum minor in level. They can be your sentimental partner. They can be your never ending partner and the connection you share will be inevitable. You just need to call them and they are ready to provide you service.



  1. Halt  for loneliness: when you are stressed out from your business or work life or disheartened by some internal issues. You can always look up the service for discussion with escorts. With their sincere and smooth attitude they break all stress and help you calm your heart. They can walk miles for some days and help you to stay away from loneliness.



The service that is provided by the prostitution is :

  1. Sexual Act: prostitution is the exchanging of sexual act for the value of money . In some countries, prostitution comes under the criminal act . Hence, it’s illegal. Therefore, some countries that led the prostitution earn by the services is sexual act with their client. They sell their service with a rich amount of money. When you feel that you need someone to lean for, call for their service.


Basically the difference is in the services they provide. Therefore, the services they provide is the business income for them. In many countries, if escorts are catched by red handed in sexual intercourse they are put in jail or a criminal act is followed up.

In some countries only escorts have the right to provide their services. Hence, prostitution comes under the criminal act and laws are very strict against them.